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BULLET POINTS: Nintendo E3 Press Conference

Nintendo round up the E3 press conferences with a massive focus on Wii U games. ┬áThe 3DS will get it’s own showing on June 6th but for now, check out all the major Wii U news below with 3DS news added the day after.

  • Pikmin 3 revealed
  • Wii U will support two GamePads
  • New Super Mario Bros. U revealed with extensive Miiverse connectivity
  • Batman Arkham City: Armoured Edition comes with exclusive Wii U GamePad screen features
  • Scribblenauts Unlimited
  • Mass Effect 3 coming to Wii U
  • Wii Fit U – Combines the Wii U balance board and GamePad
  • SiNG – Wii U Karaoke
  • Super Mario Bros. 2 coming to 3DS on August 19th 2012
  • Just Dance 4 coming to Wii U
  • Zombi U shown in depth
  • Nintendo Land shown for the first time
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