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Casually Addicted’s 2012 PlayStation 3 Game Of The Year

After the exclusive ridden year of 2011 the PlayStation 3 hit a barren spell in 2012 when compared to Sony’s usual relentless first-party offerings.

Naughty Dog, Sucker Punch and Guerrilla were just a few of the Sony owned studios that just weren’t ready for 2012.  But what it did do was leave the floor open for others.


Right out the gate for Sony thatgamecompany followed up on Flow and Flower by producing a visual and mesmerizing game called Journey.

It was almost universally acclaimed and while we weren’t around to review it, the wonder and beauty of this game still found it’s way to charm and delight us.

But unfortunately we can’t use the words charm and delight on another downloadable title – The Walking Dead: The Game Season 1.

If you’ve been following our Game Of The Year coverage then you’ll notice that this game has been nominated for almost every category and there’s a good reason for that.  It’s dark, dreary and desperate narrative took us to places where we hadn’t gone before with games.

Another game that challenged our emotions but in a different way was Mass Effect 3.  The conclusion of the Shepard trilogy kept us gripped right until the very end.

One of the surprises of the year was of course X-COM: Enemy Unknown.  The revival of a PC classic was made even more surprising when the original re-birth was set to be a first-person shooter.

Thankfully Firaxis and 2K Games managed to not only give us a great game but also give the gaming public a bit more faith in developers and publishers.

Last and by no means least on our list of nominations is Far Cry 3.  A game that so often gives you the best moments when random encounters just, well, happen.

One of the great things about Far Cry 3 is that everyone who plays it has a fascinating and unique story of animals, enemies and themselves coming together in some epic or comical fashion.  A truly unique experience indeed.


Far Cry 3

Mass Effect 3

The Walking Dead: The Game Season 1

X-Com: Enemy Unknown

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