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Casually Addicted’s 2012 Xbox 360 Game Of The Year

We’re now at the point in the Xbox 360’s life where big name exclusives are a rare occurence but 2012 seemed to shed some light on Microsoft’s internal studios.

But apart from titles like Forza Horizon and Fable: The Journey, the Xbox 360 also got it’s usual deluge in high quality multi-platform titles.  And while the gap has indeed closed in recent years, the general rule of thumb has seen the Xbox 360 getting superior ports for years.

Nonetheless with the Xbox 360 on it’s way out, here is a look at what the old dog had left for us in 2012.


Our first candidate for Xbox 360 Game Of The Year arrived early on and became an early front-runner.  Mass Effect 3 did everything right straight out of the gate but as everyone knows by now, there was a lot of controversy at the end of it all.

That being said this game was one that will go down in history as a part of one of gaming’s best and moved loved trilogies.

It may have been the biggest surprise of 2012 with a huge open world that is gorgeous and a joy to explore. Far Cry 3 offers a brilliant story with a satisfying journey from start to finish.

What makes Far Cry 3 such a good game is the random things that will happen to you, you could be 10 minutes from the end and you will be seeing things that you haven’t seen throughout your entire play through.

Another title that opened our eyes was XCOM: Enemy Unknown, which whilst is a game made for the PC, offers players an experience fighting aliens all over the Earth.   The sheer level of depth in this game gives you enough content to just keep coming back and improving your squad.

Players who are familiar with the previous XCOM games will find a lot of similarities here and it feels great to be back in control, fighting for our planet’s survival.

No game however shocked everyone more than The Walking Dead: The Game Season 1.  Players go through 5 episodes trying to survive not just the game but an emotional rollercoaster of a ride.

Finally we have Halo 4 from 343 industries, with much anticipation in whether the game would be what all the fans wanted it to be. It is safe to say that 343 nailed it here and this is by far the best looking game on the Xbox 360 and it truly shows off what the console can do.


Far Cry 3

Mass Effect 3

The Walking Dead: The Game Season 1

X-Com: Enemy Unknown

Halo 4

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