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Casually Addicted’s Game of the Year 2012



“Mass Effect 3 is the end of a journey and one that I’ve fully enjoyed being a part of.  It’s the gaming equivalent of Star Wars or the Lord of the Rings, it’s not just about getting to the end but seeing how you got there, who you met, who was lost and whether you made the correct calls.  If you didn’t get there how you wanted to or wondered about the alternatives of a specific situation then you can go through it all again.  While the premise of choices affecting all of your decisions in the end didn’t come to fruition, the road there was one I certainly won’t forget.”


“In short you should go buy this game. Seriously, this is easily one of the best games I have played all year and as a X-COM player in the past I am so glad that they nailed this game, doing the series proud.  It is so challenging and you might find yourself enraged at times but the rewards for your efforts are simply brilliant.”


“Overall Halo 4 offers an incredible experience, not only is Master Chief back but 343 have done themselves proud with how far the Halo series has come. With a solid story which has had some terrific visual adjustments players will find themselves having hours of fun.  Add that to an outstanding multiplayer mode which will leave you wanting more and more and I can’t wait to see what 343 will do with Halo 5.”


“I was lost in the moment and could really feel my heart racing when some of the decisions had to be made.  I knew that most of these decisions could possibly haunt me later on down the road and I spent a lot of time agonising over what the consequences of my actions could be.  Especially when you soon realise that most of the decisions are genuinely heart-breaking and really tug on the emotional heart strings.  I like to think there’s not much that gets me emotional on the TV but this was one of those moments I couldn’t help but be all caught up by what I was seeing.”


“Far Cry 3 offers a brilliant story that starts and finishes extremely well. There is so much available on the island that you could find yourself playing for hours on end and not even attempt a mission. With even more to do after the main campaign Far Cry 3 is an easy pick up for all gamers.”


Far Cry 3

Mass Effect 3

The Walking Dead: The Game Season 1

X-Com: Enemy Unknown

Halo 4

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