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Could Zombi U be enough to buy a Wii U?

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Now that the buzz of e3 is starting to die down, it’s time to see what games really stood out. Zombi U is a game presented by Ubisoft as they show of a Wii U title for the first time, whilst it has been mentioned that Zombi U could be possible on multiple platforms, for the time being this will be a Wii U exclusive. You are set in a Zombie infested London and just like most Zombie titles you are fighting to see, “How long will you survive?”.

From seeing a few trailer and a couple of different demos I found myself getting quickly excited. It has been a long time since I have had a good Zombie game to get my heart racing, where you actually feel scared when walking around. There are some very dark visual effect within this game and just from what I have seen it looks great, it’s about time that Nintendo have a game that stands out and looks good. What I really noticed was how the lighting effects really made the Zombies look brutal, there is one scene down in the London Underground and it just looks fantastic.

The big question with Zombi U is can it actually pull this off? The whole game to me seems based around the Wii U Gamepad. Which I would love to actually work how they showed it, where you are looking at the Gamepad screen whilst going through your inventory,only to see on the big screen that a cheeky zombie is working his way towards you. The demo showed that when you starting going through your inventory on the Gamepad that your character on screen actually pulls his backpack off and starts going through it. I like the idea of having to have fast reactions to play this game well.

Of course the Gamepad’s features could really aid this game if they pull it off well. Having sonar so you can scan the local area, just to make sure there are no zombies lurking in the shadows. There is a scanner where you can scan boxes and other items in search of loot, but beware of not looking at your main screen, zombies don’t care if you are scanning a box they just want to eat you. The Gamepad acts as a all round tool, even utilizing a sniper rifle scope on the Gamepad screen seems pretty cool to me. I don’t know if there is a better feeling than when you have been caught by a zombie and you fight him off, with the Gamepad shacking¬†vigorously may just safe your life. They showed off a ‘Door Hacking’ feature which again really looked cool, the Gamepad acted as the different numbers you need to enter to open the door, whilst your TV showed the zombies coming towards you. Although the player just seemed to randomly tap buttons when hacking the door, it would be cool if you found the actual code for the door elsewhere and you can pull it out when needed.

At the moment I am really excited and I can’t actually believe I am considering buying a Wii U just for this game, but it looks intense, action packed and just a pure zombie filled¬†adventure. If the Gamepad can actually pull this off in a way that was demonstrated I think we all have a lot to be excited for. As we get more news about Zombi U we will be keeping you up to date, so stay tuned.

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