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DayZ Standalone: First video released


I am sure I am not the only one who has been very excited about seeing the DayZ standalone game. Well Dean Hall and Matt Lightfoot show us a 15 minute video showing some of the tweaked things in the standalone version of DayZ.

Showing off the new log-in screen and simplified menus  allowing players to customize their menus and change their graphics in a slightly more aesthetically pleasing manner. We also see some of the new character clothing items and how they will be implemented in the game, Dean said that there are hundreds of items that he wants to add. I am still not sure why Matt didn’t have any trousers on but hey what can you do.

The team have also added another smaller island to Chernarus which will add some different elements to the world and they show of their new swamp setting.

Finally we get to see the new loot spawning system which looks extremely interesting. Instead of just busting into a building and having a quick look at the loot piles, players will now be able to find loot spawns in more precarious places, behind the TV, in a cupboard  under a table and even in broken down vehicles.

I don’t know about you but I am excited, what do you guys think? For all your latest DayZ news stay tuned.

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