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Deadpool: The Game – What We Want To See

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It looks like 2013 is setting up to be a huge year for video games, we have some of the biggest oens coming early 2013 and it’s sure to be a memorable year for all gamers. The thing is everyone seems to be forgetting about is possibly the biggest game for 2013 – Deadpool!

If your not familiar with Deadpool then shame on you, but let me give you a small rundown. Wade Wilson AKA Deadpool can be considered an anti-hero, he is the best mercenary in the Marvel universe. He’s known as the “Merc with a mouth” because of his talkative nature and his nack for breaking the fourth wall, his humor is unlike any character you’ve ever seen before.  Deadpool has had run ins with every character within Marvel, he doesn’t really have any friends but due to his healing factor he can’t die, even though many have tried. He likes to use his samurai swords mainly but he has a ridiculous arsenal of weapons that he also uses, his main gun would have to be the dual wielding pistols.

Now Deadpool has a number of different abilities but some make him very unique, especially his healing factor that he got from Wolverine. This power allows him to heal from any injury within a second, even the Hulk has pulverized his head to a pulp for it to only grow back and heal. Another ability that we are bound to see in the game is his bottomless satchel, Deadpool can pull literally anything out of this thing, explosives, guns, ammo, food you name it. This would be a very easy way to allow players to have a number of different weapons throughout the game. He does have some abilities that may not help him in a video game like the fact that he can speak 7 languages, but his teleportation devices certainly could make things interesting. This could be a really cool way to travel around the world, going to different types of locations in a flash.

Whilst we have not seen or heard to much about the Deadpool game there are a few things that we do know. The game will be played in third person which I imagine will feel like a crazy version of the Batman games, Deadpool will learn new moves and combos as he progresses through the game. I am glad to say that Deadpool will be able to decapitate his enemies by chopping their heads off and if that doesn’t work for you then hit them with a nut-kick.

What is also great about the Deadpool game is Daniel Way will be writing the script whilst Nolan North will take on the role of Deadpool yet again (Marvel vs Capcom 3), so expect to see some crazy moments in this game backed up with some of the best voice acting in day and age.

Deadpool is not the only Marvel character set to appear in the game, Domino, Psylocke and Wolverine are amongest a few that have been speculated to appear. Seeing as Deadpool has been part of the X-Men and the Uncanny X-Force we are surly going to see some more around this in the game.  We are bound to hear about more characters being added as we get close to its release, take a look below at who we would love to see in the Deadpool game.

Hit Monkey Hit Monkey

There are a few characters here that are relatively new in the Deadpool world, but Hit Monkey would be a great addition to the game. He is known as the worlds greatest assassin and it would just have such comic value to have a battle against him.  

He doesn’t say much which again could just allow Deadpool to talk more and with Hit Monkeys extreme acrobatics we could be in for one hell of a ride. 




Cable and Deadpool have had a long ‘friendship’ for quite some time and he is a must have in the Deadpool game. Cable is the time-traveling son of Cyclops and first arrives to create a better world as he had seen the future. 

Although Deadpool doesn’t care to much for anything so of course that was never going to be easy. With the history that Cable and Deadpool have it would be strange to not see him appear. 


BOB Deadpool


Other than being an agent of HYDRA, Bob is a fairly simple guy and I doubt many people will actually have a clue who he is. However Bob would fit perfectly in this game because he is Deadpool’s biggest fan. 

Not only that but he actually seems to be one of Deadpools only friends and he truly believes that he is a hero. It would be great to see him in the game even if it was just for a few scenes. 




Taskmaster has already made an appearance in Marvel vs Cacpcom 3 and if you aren’t too familiar with him he’s a mercenary with some really unique abilities.  Such as his photographic reflexes, he can mimic voices which is always rather funny and he has some great weaponry but it would be interesting to see what weaponry they were to give  him.

Seeing as Taskmaster and Deadpool have gone at it many times it would be rather fitting to have them go at it in the game. 


Evil Deadpool Evil Deadpool

Evil Deadpool is another new character in the Deadpool universe, he is made up of a bunch of parts from Deadpool that have been put back together, the difference is he has no motive for anything other than to kill. 

He has everything that Deadpool has ability wise but unlike Deadpool he truly has no clue what he is doing but he is dangerous and could pose as a real threat in the game, an equal match so it would seem.  


It is clear that this is going to be a game not only for hardcore fans but anyone wanting to join the Deadpool revolution will be welcome. It will be a crazy ride with loads of humor, plenty of killing and a story that shows Deadpool off as more than just your average merc, I mean this is a guy who would sacrifice everything he owns for a Chimichanga. What I can’t wait for is how Deadpool will respond to the player, we already know he will be breaking the fourth wall but I cannot wait to see how it is done.

Again we don’t know much about what story line Deadpool will be taking, what enemies he will face or anything like that, but all we need to know is Deadpool is in full control, I mean he even sabotaged an Amazing Spider Man billboard to advertise his own game, who else does that? This is the type of thing you should be expecting in this game.

To hear all about Deadpool’s new game stay tuned to Casually Addicted for all the latest news.


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