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Far Cry 3 Trophy/ Achievement Guide

Far Cry 3 Trophyachievement guide

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100% Completion Rating: 3/10

Hours to 100%: Around 25 to 30 hours

Playthroughs needed: One campaign, plus after game content and a co-op mode campaign playthrough.

Is online required: No

Most difficult: Never Saw It Coming



Welcome to Far Cry 3, a tropical paradise that very quickly turns into your worst nightmare.  You play the role of Jason Brody, your mission?  To earn every trophy and achievement possible before insanity overcomes you…

Should you have any questions or perhaps a way to improve the guide please don’t hesitate to comment below.  If your looking for co-op partners then comment below as well.

Far Cry 3 Story

This section covers all story based achievements which you should do first and foremost before anything else.  You can happily sit back and enjoy the Far Cry 3 experience here as you won’t lock yourself out of any achievements as all of them are redeemable after you finish the campaign.

First Blood (Bronze/10G)

Escape the pirates and survive in the wilderness

*Story Related*

Magic Mushroom (Bronze/20G)
Return to the doctor with the cave mushrooms

*Story Related*

Worse Date Ever (Bronze/20G)
Rescue Liza from the burning building

*Story Related*

One of Us (Bronze/20G)
Complete the Rakyat initiation

*Story Related*

Hands Off My Stoner (Bronze/20G)
Rescue Oliver from the pirates

*Story Related*

Retake Wallstreet (Bronze/20G)
Rescue Keith from Buck

*Story Related*

Have I Told You? (Silver/50G)
Survive the encounter with Vaas and escape

*Story Related*

Taken for Granted (Silver/50G)
Kill Vaas

*Story Related*

Higher Than a Kite (Bronze/20G)
Use your wingsuit to reach the Southern Island

*Story Related*

Deep Cover (Bronze/20G)
Complete Riley’s interrogation

*Story Related*

Poker Night (Silver/50G)
Kill Hoyt

*Story Related*

What a Trip (Gold/100G)
Attend the final ceremony

*Story Related*


It’s after the campaign that you’ll spend most of your time.  Some of these you will probably pick up naturally going through the story but there are quite a few that will require your undivided attention.

Make sure you pay close attention to your tattoo skills, in particular the ones which only unlock after completing certain objectives.

Other than that enjoy your time on the island…

Free Fall (Bronze/5G)
Freefall more than 100m and live (Single Player only)

This can be quite tedious as getting above 100m and falling isn’t as easy as it sounds.  Nonetheless there are two places where this is possible, firstly at X: 442.4, Y: 651.1 there is a glider high up on the mountainside.  Take it then glide straight towards the ocean and drop.

The other place is at X: 498.2, Y: 793.3 where there will be a large cavern with two gliders in vicinity.  Take the most northernly glider and turn 180 degress straight over the cavern and drop.

Should you encounter any difficulty with gliders not appearing then commit suicide by either drowning and being killed by gunfire and they should respawn.

Inked Up (Bronze/5G)
Earn 5 skill tattoos

See Fully Inked

Fully Inked (Gold/30G)
Earn every tattoo by learning all the skills

You’ll get this naturally by playing the game, you earn XP for almost every kill you make and mission you complete.  When you have liberated every outpost on both islands you should have enough XP to unlock every skill – thus earning every tattoo.

Please be aware that certain skills can only be unlocked after performing certain actions so keep an eye on this as you progress through the game.

Money to Burn (Bronze/15G)
Spend $5000 at the shop

Simply spend $5000 shopping.

Aftermarket Junkie (Bronze/20G)
Buy all attachments and paint jobs for one weapon

Each weapon comes with around 4 to 5 attachments and anywhere up to 7 or 8 paint jobs.  Simply purchase them all to unlock this.

Rebel With a Cause (Bronze/10G)
Liberate 3 outposts

See Island Liberator

Island Liberator (Silver/40G)
Liberate all outposts

You’ll spend much of your after-game time liberating outposts held by pirates or mercenaries.  All outposts are visible via your map.

Before marching in all guns blazing though it’s best to do some reconnaissance work by triggering the nearby tower to get a map of the area your liberating.

It’s also best to start to the west of the first island working your way across and then going onto the second island as the second island is more treacherous.  By the time you come to the second island make sure you have the silent heavy kill as this will be invaluable.

Always stock up your ammunition before taking on an outpost.  I always took the M-700 Sniper, Flamethrower, BZ19 and a silent 6P9.  This combination gave me a great range of combat options with the flamethrower coming in handy should I need to make a quick getaway.  Torch the floor in front of you and watch it burn, causing a wall of fire that your enemies can’t get through.

The best way to approach an outpost is to first use your camera from a high vantage point to mark targets.  After that use a silent sniper scope to take out solitary guards where their death won’t be noticed by others.  Once that’s done it’s time to get close, at the earliest available opportunity take out the alarm.  It’ll be visible on your map and can save you a bunch of hassle if you do get caught.  There were many occasions where I couldn’t totally liberate an outpost due to the sheer size of reinforcements.

Once your close use rocks to distract the easier guards and take them out one by one without making a racket, then most importantly leave any Heavies for last, use the Heavy take-down for a swift kill.

Unheard (Bronze/20G)
Liberate an outpost without triggering an alarm

See Island Liberator for tips and tricks on how to best infiltrate an outpost.  Once you have liberated all outposts this trophy/achievement will lock and you will have to start a new game.

Full Bars (Silver/20G)
Activate 9 radio towers

You can find all radio towers located on your map, once you get to one you must climb the structure and open the electrical box at the top to activate it.  This will give you more coverage on your map.

Some of the towers can be difficult to climb but not impossible.  Look for rope hanging from ledges, jumping here will see you reach and climb up to the next level.

Archeology 101 (Silver/20G)
Gather a total of 60 relics

Relics are small statues that you must collect, luckily you can buy maps at a store to reveal their locations.  Some will be in underground caverns so looking for an entrance can be a bit tricky.  Luckily you only have to collect half of the 120 relics to unlock this trophy/achievement.

Dead Letters (Silver/20G)
Gather all “Letters of the Lost”

Like other collectibles in the game the Letters of the Lost can be found via maps bought from the store.  There are 20 to collect in all.

Memory to Spare (Silver/20G)
Gather all the memory cards

You’ll find laptops in safe houses around both islands which you’ll unlock by liberating outposts.  In 20 of these you’ll find memory cards, simply hold square or X to pick up the memory card.  These also appear on your map should you accidentally miss one after liberating an outpost.

Jungle Journal (Silver/20G)
Unlock 50 entries in the Survivor Guide

Each time you encounter a new character, item, collectible your survival journey will update with information.  You will earn this naturally just by playing through the game.

Bagged and Tagged (Bronze/10G)
Complete a Path of the Hunter quest

After liberating an outpost you will see a blue deer icon on a nearby notice board.

These are side quests which task you with taking out a specific animal with a specific weapon.  Complete the mission.

Road Trip (Bronze/10G)
Complete a Supply Drop quest

Supply Drops will appear on the map as a blue plus sign and appear at random locations.  The mission itself will see you driving a Quad Bike to a specific point on the map within the time limit.  Complete the mission.

In Cold Blood (Bronze/10G)
Complete a WANTED Dead quest

After liberating an outpost a WANTED Dead quest will be available to activate via a nearby notice board.

After accepting, you will need to kill a specific pirate or mercenary to complete the quest.

Let the Trials Begin (Bronze/10G)
Beat any Trial of the Rakyat score

You will see Trial of the Rakyat icons on your map in the shape of stars.

Each trial is different and could contain a variety of activities.  Simply complete one trial to unlock this.

Poker Bully (Silver/20G)
Win $1500 playing poker

[vsw id=”?feature=player_embedded&v=DINoaqtpOHw” source=”youtube” width=”600″ height=”400″ autoplay=”no”]

Hunter Hunted (Bronze/10G)
Lure and kill a predator

Any animals that tries to kill you is considered a predator.  You should pick this up naturally as you’ll run into tigers, komodo dragons and sharks in the wild.  Simply kill one while it’s attacking you to earn this.

Poacher (Bronze/20G)
Hunt and skin a rare animal

This is linked the the ‘Path of the Hunter’ quests, some of the animals will have a ‘rare’ stamp across – signifying that the animal is indeed rare.  Hunt it, then skin it.

Artsy Craftsy (Bronze/10G)
Craft 5 upgrades for your equipment

Via the pause menu you have the option ‘Crafting’ and it’s here where you’ll earn this achievement.  Simply follow the instructions on what type of animal you need in order to upgrade your equipment.

Needle Exchange (Bronze/15G)
Craft 25 syringes

Via the Crafting section of the pause menu you can craft syringes.  You can do this by collecting a variety of plants that are scattered all over the island.  Simply craft 25 syringes to unlock this.

The Good Stuff (Bronze/15G)
Craft a special syringe

You can only craft a special syringe after collecting 30 relics.

Say Hi to the Internet (Bronze/10G)

Find the lost Hollywood star

Travel to X: 619.7, Y: 559.4 and look for a head in the sand and two bodies hanging from trees.

Heartless Pyro
Kill 50 enemies with the flamethrower (Single Player only)

Once your a decent portion through the main campaign you will acquire the flamethrower.  From here simply kill 50 enemies with the flamethrower.  A good method of achieving this is to let the alarm ring when at an outpost as a small army of reinforcements will rush to your position.

Love the Boom (Bronze/10G)
Kill 4 enemies simultaneously with one explosion (Single Player only)

[vsw id=”?feature=player_embedded&v=ddecOUcpcWA” source=”youtube” width=”600″ height=”400″ autoplay=”no”]

Rock Always Wins (Bronze/10G)
Fully distract 25 enemies with rocks (Single Player only)

When undetected lure an enemy away from his position by throwing a rock (right D-Pad).  Do this 25 times, making sure the enemy investigates the area where the rock fell.

Never Saw it Coming (Bronze/20G)
Kill an enemy with a takedown from above from a glider, zipline or parachute (Single Player only)

You will need the ‘Death From Above’ skill for this one.

You will then need to find an enemy placed specifically under you while your either on a zipline, glider or parachute.  You won’t need to press any button’s just land on the enemy and the animation should automatically start.

[vsw id=”?feature=player_embedded&v=9KY8PVKdorU” source=”youtube” width=”600″ height=”400″ autoplay=”no”]

Improper Use (Bronze/5G)
Kill an enemy with the Repair Tool (Single Player only)

Equip the Repair Tool (You can buy it under the ‘Special’ section from the store) and then using RT or R2 attack and kill an enemy.

Toxophilite (Bronze/10G)
Kill a target from 70m or more with the bow (Single Player only)

First of all you’ll need to unlock the recurve bow by either activating radio towers or buying it from the shop.  You can also add the marksman sight attachment to make this a little bit easier.

Now you have to find an outpost with a flat bit of land in front, tag the enemy and make sure your 70m away.  Then fire an arrow right between his eyes.

[vsw id=”?feature=player_embedded&v=oar0WcRHdow” source=”youtube” width=”600″ height=”400″ autoplay=”no”]

Island Paparazzi (Bronze/15G)
Tag 25 enemies using the camera (Single Player only)

When approaching an area with enemies press up on the D-Pad before your spotted and tag each enemy you see by zooming the camera in on them.

Fearless or Stupid (Bronze/15G)
Dive more than 60m (Single Player only)

Find an area on the map where the sea is dark blue (X: 709.1, Y: 835.6 for example) and then dive all the way to the bottom.  Make sure you click the left stick in to swim faster otherwise you’ll drown.  When you swim back up the trophy/achievement will pop.

Far Cry 3 COOP

Far Cry 3 doesn’t only give us a lengthy open world setting to explore but it also offers an array of online modes.  But only the Co-op section is of any use if your wanting to harvest some trophy or achievement gold.

For the trophies and achievements here you will need to complete each individual mission from start to finish.  It is important you are there from the very start of the first cutscene to the last as otherwise you will not earn the trophy or achievement.

You can earn this on either online or offline co-op.  Going offline will reduce the chances of running into a trophy or achievement glitch.

Most are relatively painless to get if you have a party of four but certainly achievable with three.

Here We Come (Bronze/20G)
Complete “Ready or Not” Co-op map (Online/Offline)

Return to Sender (Bronze/20G)
Complete “Sidetracked” Co-op map (Online/Offline)

Rocking the Boat (Bronze/20G)
Complete “Overboard” Co-op map (Online/Offline)

Hide and Seek (Bronze/20G)
Complete “Lights Out” Co-op map (Online/Offline)

Late Night Pick-up (Bronze/20G)
Complete “Rush Hour” Co-op map (Online/Offline)

Getting Even (Bronze/20G)
Complete “Payback” Co-op map (Online/Offline)

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