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Mass Effect 3: Omega Review

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Developer(s):  Bioware
Publisher(s):    EA
Platforms:         PS3, Xbox 360 and PC
Release Date:  US – November 27th 2012, EU – November 28th 2012


Welcome to Omega, the cesspit of the galaxy where the lawless lurk and reign, a home for the criminals of the galaxy but also safe refuge.  At least it was until Cerberus arrived on the scene, de-throning the queen of Omega Aria T’Loak.

Aria is certainly one of the more memorable characters from Mass Effect 2, her place amongst the pole dancers of Afterlife was fitting to say the least.  She appeared in Mass Effect 3 but only in a cameo role, sitting and watching again in a nightclub but this time in the more leisurley Citadel, not a place for a woman of Aria’s tastes.

But the time has now come for Aria to reclaim Omega from Cerberus and the Illusive Man in this DLC.  Omega is made by the team who will be making the next Mass Effect game and while I doubt we can draw too much from this two to three hour content pack, it highlights the way the Mass Effect universe is moving away from a pure RPG experience and into a rabid shooter.

Corridors litter Omega and force you into combat at every turn.  New weapons are made available and new enemies as well.  One being a Rampant Mech, pretty much a Geth Cerberus bot while the other is a new Reaper type called an Adjutant.

Adjutant’s were originally going to be in the main game, but due to issues with they’re movement they were taken out during development.  They make for a admirable adversary here and can be as swift and deadly as a Banshee in full flight.

You won’t spend most of your time battling new enemies though.  Cerberus troops will be riddled with your bullets throughout the drab Omega setting and grey concrete will greet your every turn.  It almost feels like story and decisions were forgotten and rather shoe horned in at the last minute, it’s all forgettable barring one decision towards the end.  But in a world where you’ve probably already finished the game and reached the all or nothing ending you won’t matter a jot about any of it.

Omega also gives you a hub where you can talk to three individuals to collect fetch quests or as Bioware like to call them side-missions.  These must be done during the three main missions that come with the DLC and can be missed quite easily, scuppering your achievement or trophy hunting.

You also won’t be going around Omega with any of your team on the Normandy, instead you’ll be partnered with Aria herself and eventually female Turian Nyreen.  Nyreen is the first female Turian ever since in a Mass Effect game, to fans of the series it’s quite a big deal but it’s not even mentioned in any great detail.  You also don’t get any new characters to take with you onto the main game, so no new dialogue options for your main fight against the Reapers.

For the £11.99 that Bioware demand Omega is just simply not worth the asking price.  Glossy words of hub, new characters, weapons and enemies sound alluring enough on the marketing front but in reality Omega does little to inspire confidence in future Mass Effect 3 DLC.

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5 Responses

    1. Craig Shields

      If your eager to get back into Mass Effect 3 I’d recommend the Leviathan DLC. It’s not much better than Omega but it does provide some interesting back story to the Mass Effect universe.

  1. Chupanebre

    Gee, brighten up. While the price is pretty steep (obviously to recoup losses for EC) it is fucking nostalgic going through Omega again and using Aria as more than a seat-warmer. Definitely worth going through, I missed Omega in ME3 way too much.

    1. Craig Shields

      Well if you got a decent nostalgia trip from going back to Omega then that’s good. I never got that during my playthrough, pleased to know you enjoyed the DLC.

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