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Mass Effect 3: Citadel Review


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Developer(s): Bioware
Publisher(s): EA
Platforms: PS3, Xbox 360 and PC
Release Date: US – March 6th 2013, EU – March 7th 2013


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It’s almost a year to the day where I sat alone in a dark room trying to come to terms with the ending of Mass Effect 3.  It’s a moment I often think about and the soul searching for answers to questions that shouldn’t have even been asked kept me thinking about Mass Effect 3 long after I should’ve been done.

After the extremely disappointing Omega DLC we finally have the last single-player DLC for the Shepard trilogy – The Citadel.  You and your team have been given some time to get some rest and relaxation, as it seems fighting Reapers non-stop can take it out of you a little bit.  But before long you’re being attacked by an unknown force and an enemy who is undetectable.  This short series of missions will take you around two hours to complete and while it is short, it’s quite enjoyable and also shocking once you find out what exactly is going on.

This DLC packs more than just a few shooting missions though as the main draw is your camaraderie with your squad.  For parts of the missions you will have up to nine squad members with you and while you’ll still only control three including Shepard, seeing your full squad in action all at once gave me goosebumps.  This is how I originally imagined the series ending, an all out fight with your entire squad.

The tone of it all however is certainly not the deep and dark Mass Effect 3 stereotype though, in fact if you were to play this DLC on your first playthrough you would probably think Shepard’s crew was high.  There are constant jokes and quips back and forth between squad mates during firefights (most of which are genuinely funny) and the mood is lightened even further by Shepard himself not taking dangerous situations seriously at all.

You also get a new section of the Citadel called Silversun Strip to explore, a vacation resort as such that features a number of things that you can occupy your time with.  There’s a casino, arcade and a combat simulator that essentially gives you a hoarde mode for single-player.

You should also see some old friends from Mass Effect 2 around the strip like Zaeed, Miranda, Jacob and Grunt – if they’re alive of course.

Almost every single interaction you have in this dialogue heavy DLC will be jovial and will be funny.  If you try not to take it so seriously you’ll have more fun here than with almost every previous piece of DLC combined.  There are tons of in-game jokes I would love to sprawl on this page but seriously it’s better if you just go and experience them for yourself.

This isn’t a story DLC but an ending DLC.  This is BioWare saying goodbye to the Mass Effect Shepard trilogy and giving one of the greatest fanservices I’ve ever seen.  I mean the final mission is to arrange party supplies and to invite everyone over to your apartment – how cool is that?

I still have an issue with the rather high price that this DLC costs (£11.99/$14.99) but compared to something like Omega then this is worth every penny.  It’s a celebration of your Shepard’s journey and also a realisation that one more trilogy playthrough wouldn’t hurt.

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