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Mass Effect 3 Trophy/ Achievement Guide

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100% Completion Rating: 5/10

Hours to 100%: 40hrs to 60hrs

Playthroughs needed: One is possible but ideally two

Is online required: Yes

Most difficult: Insanity


Mass Effect 3 marks the end of the trilogy and the end of Commander Shepard’s journey.  The Reapers have hit Earth and you must recruit all the fleets and armies you can to take the fight to the Reapers and save the galaxy from being harvested.  Not only that, but you also have been given the objective of sucking every last bit of enjoyment you can out of this amazing game by collecting all achievements/trophies.  Using our handy guide, you’ll be one step ahead of the Reapers by improving your gamerscore or trophy haul.

Driven 5G/Bronze

Return to active duty.

*Story Related*

Priority – Earth

This is the first mission in the game and will unlock upon completion.  This mission acts as a training mission and should be fairly simple even on insanity difficulty.  The trophy will unlock after a short conversation with Admiral Hackett.

Bringer of War 10G/Bronze

Chase down an assassin.

*Story Related*

Priority – Mars

After Earth Shepard will go to Mars to discover a Cerberus assassin and a new teammate.  Like Earth, this acts as a further training mission, the only part of note that may prove difficult on insanity is the section after the tram ride.  Should you need it, there is a section behind the actual tram that Shepard can crouch in without any enemies coming after him.  From there it’s simply a case of using your allies well and popping out every now and then.

Mobilizer 15G/Bronze

Bring a veteran officer aboard.

*Story Related*

Priority – Palaven

Despite the mission title, it actually takes place on Palaven’s moon, Menae.  It’s seen as a key battleground in the war between the Turian’s and the Reapers.  This mission introduces Shepard to use of the turrent, old friend Garrus and a new type of enemy – the Brute.

Like the first two missions there shouldn’t be too many troubles for insanity players as long as they don’t rush into combat.  Hanging back and letting your two squad mates take the brunt of it all works well.  As for the Brute, always make sure there’s a rock in between you and it to stop it charging at you.  Husks will also harass you in this mission, its best to just keep moving and utilise Shepard’s strong melee move should you get into trouble.

World Shaker 15G/Bronze

Destroy an Atlas dropped from orbit.

*Story Related*

Priority – Sur’Kesh

A fairly short mission where you’ll try to rescue a female soldier from Cerberus clutches.  The mission is relatively simple and if you’ve managed to pass the first few missions on insanity you should be ok here.  Turrents will provide a slight problem but it’s best to concentrate on the Cerberus Engineer’s who erect them rather than the Turrents themselves as the engineer’s will just keep putting more out to trouble you.  Never ever take a turrent head on either, they will rip you to shreds.

This mission will provide you with your first real test on insanity though.  The Atlas mech you face at the end will end you very quickly if you let it.  A tip I discovered was to hide near the stairs where you first entered this area as the mech can’t get to you.  From here you can keep it’s attention by shooting at it while your squad mates take out the few Cerberus troops that remain.

Liberator 15G/Bronze

Stop a Cerberus kidnapping.

*Story Related*


Grissom Academy Mission – If you take too long to take up this mission you can miss it and another playthrough will be required.

This is certainly one of the more difficult missions, especially on Insanity.  When you arrive at Orion Hall and then later on the Atrium you will be surrounded by enemies, usually involving an Atlas Mech as well just for kicks.  But there are some tricks to make this mission slightly easier.

Orion Hall can be done by first off taking care of the few Cerberus troops that fill the room and then preparing for the Atlas by keeping yourself on the other side of the room.  Make sure your squadmates are in-between you and the Atlas and use them as bait.  Let the Atlas concentrate his fire on your team while you pick away at it, it’s not a tough fight but can become frustrating.

Now for the more difficult part – the Atrium.  In both sections here you will be bombarded by Cerberus forces, the key here is to use the tunnel entrances to both parts.  Simply enter the area and then back up into the tunnel, it’s very rare that an enemy will follow you into here so you can pick them off one by one as you hide.  Both fights can be very long but don’t get impatient as the Turrents put down by the Cerberus engineers will finish you off quickly should they get hold of you.

For the last section, sprint to the spare Atlas Mech and then back yourself up against the wall where Jack and her students are.  From here the oncoming forces should be dispatched quite easily.  Once you catch a glimpse of the Atlas Mech hit it with everything you have to take it down quickly, alternate between missiles and gunfire to take it down before it even gets a chance to hit you.

Fact Finder 15G/Bronze

Discover an enemy’s monstrous origin.

*Story Related*


Ardat Yashi Monastery Mission – You can miss this mission if you don’t activate it before initiating the last mission in the game.

If you took this side mission early on in the game then it’s time to be introduced to possibly the worst enemy in the game – The Banshee.

Inside the Monastery you’ll find Samara (if she survived ME2) and Reaper forces eager to stop you entering the Monastery.  If you need basic help dealing with a single Banshee, see the insanity trophy/achievement for tips.

When you encounter your second Banshee, stay on the Balcony as you’ll lure it away from the pack of Cannibals that accompany her leaving you and and your team to go three on one and then dealing the the Cannibal fodder afterwards.

The last fight consisting of two Banshee’s and a few Husks can be difficult if you don’t have a strategy.  Never go into cover during this stage, you won’t need to as the Banshees and Husks will keep coming for you no matter what, so keep moving and always make sure you know where both Banshees are at all times.  The Husks should go down quite quickly, then focus your fire on one Banshee at a time while staying on your toes and you should be able to get through this difficult fight.

Pathfinder 15G/Bronze

Explore a lost city.

*Story Related*

Priority – Tuchanka

An interesting mission in which you’ll learn a lot about the Krogans, more specifically their past.  If your at all interested in the overall narrative of Mass Effect this is a mission that opens up a lot more thoughts about the Krogan race.  More importantly though it is also quite a fun mission.

If you’ve made it this far on insanity this mission shouldn’t prove too much trouble as long as you remember to keep your distance at all times and in this mission there is always plenty of room to back up.

You will be introduced to a new type of Reaper in this mission though – The Ravager, a Rachni hybrid.  There more like mini walking tanks, shooting rocket like projectiles at you with constant ferocity.  Always take them out first as the accompanying Husks and Cannibals should be easy fodder afterwards.

The last section of this mission when your up close and personal with the Reaper and a number of Brutes looks difficult on paper but it’s really not.  Just ignore all the Brutes and run straight for the two Hammers.  Should you be quick enough the only thing that can stop you is the Reaper’s foot crushing you, but again there’s a fool proof way.  Stick to any wall on your way to either Hammer and no matter where the Reaper tries to slam his foot it should miss you.  Run quick enough and you’ll finish this section in under thirty seconds.

Tunnel Rat 15G/Bronze

Survive the swarm.

*Story Related*


Mission Krogan Team – You can miss this mission if you don’t activate it before initiating the last mission in the game.

A difficult mission that see’s you leading a Krogan group into the depths of a mysterious cave.

Inside you’ll find Reaper Rachni, a bunch of husks and a lot of eggs.  Like usual for insanity, stay back and go slow, burn all the eggs as you go as they’ll do quite a bit of damage should they explode at your feet.  Target the Ravager’s first in a group unless a husk gets too close for comfort.  Cannibal’s can be kept last as they shouldn’t prove too much of a threat compared to the other two types of enemy you’ll face here.

Problem Solver 15G/Bronze

Evacuate a scientific facility.

*Story Related*


Mission – Ex-Cerberus Scientists

On this mission you’ll meet old Mass Effect 2 comrade Jacob Taylor (if he survived), the aim is to rescue Jacob and escort ex-Cerberus personnel as their attacked by their former colleagues.

Most of the battles here will take place in corridors with not much room, so make sure you don’t get swarmed in by Cerberus troops.  The most testing part with be the last section where you are trying to evacuate the facility.  During this section stay close to the blast doors and don’t move beyond them.  Take out the Phantom’s one by one as they drop and then concentrate on the rest in between Phantom drops.

Arbiter 25G/Bronze

Win a political Stand-off.

*Story Related*

Priority – Citadel

You’ll find your usual Cerberus troops here along with two new additions – Phantom and Nemesis.  The Phantoms’ are super agile biotic specialists who will use speed to try and get up close to you, making it difficult to counter.  These should be your first port of call in a firefight, take them down quickly then deal with the rest.  I would bring along a partner who has the Statis ability if you don’t have it yourself to stop a Phantom dead in it’s tracks.

The Nemesis’ are a bit more anti-social, preferring to hide for a period of time before trying to snipe you.  You can leave these guys till last and then take them out with a three pronged close range assault as their lacking in close quarters combat.

One mention for insanity is the Atlas Mech that appears just before the elevator scene.  One good spot to take it on is from underneath the nearby shop when you enter the area.  The Mech can’t get into the shop and will often just keep turning around trying to find you, take it out but watch for troops firing at you through the window.

Party Crasher 15G/Bronze

Sabotage a dreadnought.

Priority – Geth Dreadnought

This mission introduces the war between the Geth and Quarian forces as well as reuniting you with long time squad mate Tali Zorah Vas’Normandy.

You’ll be boarding a Geth Dreadnought and after an anti-gravity section and few button presses you’ll meet the Geth – now Reaper controlled.  Apart from your basic Geth you’ll meet Rocket Launcher equipped versions and invisible ones who will try to sneak up on your position.  Try to stay as far away from the fight as possible, utilise Tali’s Sabotage and Combat Drone when possible to take some of the heat off you.

The final room should prove a more sterner test on insanity, the U shaped room will feature a small army of normal Geth as well as two Geth Primes.  Try to stay at the beginning of the area and after taking out the initial wave look over to your right to the end of the U shaped section and take out a few Geth (as well as one of the Prime’s) before moving on.  This way you should take out a decent amount of your adversaries before moving on to activate the last lot of Geth troops.

Saboteur 15G/Bronze

Disable a group of fighter squadrons.

*Story Related*


If you save the Quarian Admiral before you take this mission you can go straight to Priority – Rannoch, but if you do so then this mission will not be available.

The easiest mission of the game, no combat is involved and if you struggle on this mission you shouldn’t be playing games.

Hard Target 15G/Bronze

Call down an orbital strike.

Priority – Rannoch

This mission is the climax of the Geth and Quarian war.

You should be getting used to seeing wave upon wave of Geth troops and it’s same again here.  Just before you enter the facility you can skip a small section, when Tali says to move into the facility before reinforcements arrive you can risk running into the facility and missing a few Geth.  Although should you stay and clear off the last few it’s not too difficult and you need to rack up your kills for Veteran anyway.

The toughest section of this mission will undoubtedly be the three Geth Prime that await you after the elevator.  There are a few ways to tackle this room.  First off there are two Geth super weapons in the room that can quickly take down one Prime and severely deplete another.  The first weapon is right in front of you as you enter while the second is on the right hand side of the room.

Use the room itself wisely when moving, while Prime’s are a good shot there not the most agile of opponents.  Move from cover to cover and try not to stay in one spot for too long as they’ll punish you if they get in close.

One spot that works well if you can take down one or two Prime’s early on is right at the end of the balcony, take the last section of cover that looks back on the elevator and let the Prime come towards you, taking pot shots as it reaches you.  Amazingly, the Prime shouldn’t come around your cover, allowing you time to shoot between Prime shots.

The Reaper itself is just a case of getting the timing right and isn’t too difficult once you know the pattern.  When lining up the shot always make sure your dead on the Reaper’s red eye, it lets the tracking system work quicker and gives you a quicker shot.  This is crucial for the slow motion section as one Reaper blast there will kill you.  Leading up to that, it’s always a good idea to quickly dodge twice past a Reaper beam after a successful strike.

Last Witness 25G/Bronze

Extract ancient technology.

*Story Related*

Priority – Thesia

After the Quarian – Geth war is resolved, you’ll be contacted by the Asari councillor about an artefact on Thesia that could help win the war against the Reapers.

This is a tough mission on insanity and it starts straight from the off.  Once you get on the turrent destroy the barrier column and then concentrate your fire on the Asari barrier your protecting.  Don’t worry about the Brutes coming down the road, ignore anything and everything until they reach the barrier otherwise the husks will very quickly destroy the barrier and it will be mission over before you’ve even got started.

After a few rounds of Cannibals and Mauraders you will face a new foe – The Banshee.  If you haven’t already encountered them at the Ardat Yashi Monastery this will be your first fight with one.  They are the Asari hybrid of Reaper harvesting and are the strongest form by far.  Should you see one, your attention should be immediately diverted to it, let it get close and they can potentially kill you in seconds with a fatal grip.

Liara’s warp ability comes in very handy against Banshee’s, apart from that I would suggest using fire based weapons and chucking everything you’ve got at it.  Don’t worry about the Mauraders that accompany the first Banshee so much, they can be dealt with swiftly after.  I would also position yourself towards the back of the area, almost where you came in so you can see the Banshee moving towards you at all times.

You can use similar tactics for the second Banshee you’ll encounter just after you meet with the Asari sniper.  When you regain control of Shepard you’ll have a missile launcher at your feet, quickly use this on the Banshee straight away to deal some heavy damage.  Next you must run back down the steps to lure the Banshee out alone, from here you should be able to finish it off before it gets to you.

The next section see’s you encounter two Harvesters, a few Ravager’s and a number of Maurader.  Sit tight here while the Asari ship Talon 1 disappears and then reappears again, eventually the Harvester’s will leave with Talon 1 allowing you to take out the remaining Reaper troops.  You can choose to take out the Harvesters but it’s really not worth the trouble.

The last section is Kai Leng himself, the most important thing to remember here is that you can’t win, so don’t try to.  You will simply have to deplete his shield down to zero to complete the mission.  He’s not too bad, especially if he is drawn to your comrades, just keep peppering away at him and make sure you stay in cover then the gun ship returns and it shouldn’t be too long.

Well Connected 15G/Bronze

Send a warning across the galaxy.

Priority – Horizon

After being defeated on Thesia, you’ll find yourself tracking down Cerberus on Horizon.

Here you’ll finally see Cerberus and Reaper forces going at it, it’s taken a while hasn’t it?

Like most of the latter missions if you’ve made it this far on insanity you should be able to handle it pretty well, there are only a handful of areas that may be of concern.  The first of which will be a narrow corridor where Ravagers, Mauraders and a Banshee will confront you.  Isolate the Banshee first be exiting the corridor and staying in the room behind you, take that out first then concentrate on the remaining forces.

You’ll have two sections after this where enemies will use Barriers to improve their health, take these out as soon as possible to lighten your task.  The section after going up the ladder will be the tougher of the two as it includes three Ravagers, take out the flanking Mauraders first then concentrate on the Ravagers – taking out Cannibal’s if they get in your way.

Finally you’ll face a Banshee and trio of Brutes, a tough fight to say the least but it can be won easily.  Stay by the door when you enter the room after the lift.  From here deal with the first two Brutes who run towards you, it’ll be tough to defeat them in a small space but if you keep going up and down the step they can’t charge at you.  After this the Banshee and Brute will come for you, use the same tactic to deal with the third Brute and take him down before the Banshee arrives.  You now have a 3 on 1 with the Banshee and after a while you should take her down, keep an eye on where the Banshee is at all times during this fight, it’s the key to staying alive.

Executioner 25G/Bronze

Defeat an old adversary.

*Story Related*

POINT OF NO RETURN WARNING – Once you activate this mission you will not be able to go back and complete any side missions.  This mission locks you in until the end of the game.

Edi will have to come with you on this mission, she’s a useful character if you haven’t used her before.

Starting the mission you’ll be met with fierce resistance from Cerberus troops and an Atlas.  Focus your fire on the Atlas, leave the Nemesis as well, they will hide for most of the battle, deal with them last.

After you come down from the upper level you’ll have three Atlas mech’s to face, use the same tactic to bring them down, focus on one at a time.  Use Edi’s incinerate manoeuvre to help you do some serious damage.

When you reach the tunnels, focus on the Engineers first, stopping them stops the Turrents which will kill you quickly.  Also don’t forget to destroy any Shield pylons nearby otherwise it will make your enemies difficult to defeat.

Finally you’ll face Kai Leng.  This is quite an annoying boss fight as it will take several rounds of him jumping around and disappearing to finally finish him.  Take cover sparingly and if he moves towards you, move away.  Keep yourself alive first and foremost.  When he goes to recharge you will have an opportunity to recharge your shield while a handful of Cerberus troops track you down.  Kai Leng will recharge 3 times, after that your free to kill him.

Patriot 25G/Bronze

Make the final assault.


This is it.  The climax of the Mass Effect trilogy see’s you take your team to London to stop the Reaper threat.

Straight away you’ll be faced with a barrage of Reaper forces, Husks, Marauders, Cannibals, Ravagers and Brutes will all try to knock you down.  Do what you do best and you’ll get through this, be sensible, don’t go charging forward, let your teammates take the brunt of the damage by sending them onwards first.

After a bit of a slog you’ll make it through the first section, perhaps taking down around 100 enemies.  When you reach the Reaper gun take it out using the M90-CAIN, after this immediately turn around to find another M90-CAIN and aim it towards your new Banshee friend who will shortly appear in front of you.  Take her out in one hit then remain safe by using cover for the next few minutes while you wait for evac.  During this period all you have to do is just keep the army of Cannibals from swarming your position and overwhelming you, it shouldn’t be too tricky.  Once you get the call, run for the ship and get out of there.  Don’t worry about your team they will rejoin on the ship in the cutscene no matter where they are.


After you say goodbye to close friends and rally your troops it’s time for the true final assault, the charge to the beam.

This is it, this will be your toughest test on insanity but everything you’ve achieved so far should stand you in good stead to beat the toughest insanity has to offer.  You should be able to make it to the last section where you have to activate the missiles without too many problems – after all you have made it here.

Once you get to the missiles you’ll enter an almost hoarde mode like situation, you’ll face waves of enemies and in between you’ll have a chance to recover, regroup and press a button by the missile launcher.

During this section I found the best place for cover was directly south of the missile launcher, a little corner of a concrete barricade in the middle of the road, from here it gave me the vantage to survey the whole area.

The first wave shouldn’t give you too many problems, just your usual lower level Reaper forces will be here.  From here on though you will literally be dealing with hell on earth.

Wave 2 introduces two Banshee’s alongside Cannibals and Marauders.  In the blown out building to the left of the missile is a heavy weapon missile launcher, you can save this for one of the later waves but I would suggest using it on the first Banshee you see in this wave.  Get that Banshee out the way then all you’ll have to deal with is the general Reaper troops and the last Banshee who can take a while to show up.

Then get ready for Wave 3, you will be inundated with Brutes.  In total you’ll encounter around 8 Brutes, the best piece of advice here is to not go into cover at all, keep moving and concentrate your fire on one Brute at a time.  If you’ve got enough media-gel try and get your squad mates to take the brunt of their attacks, this will leave you free to constantly hit the Brute.

Once you’ve had enough of the Brutes you’ll finally be at the last wave of enemies, luckily this wave is timed, after a few minutes you’ll have to run to the missile launcher to activate the very last section of the game.  All you have to do is here is stay alive, don’t take any unnecessary risks, stay low and only come out of cover if you feel you position is compromised.

Once you’ve gone through that you’ll be running for the beam, this section is easy, stay out the way of Harbingers beam and keep running towards your goal.

After being hit by Harbinger and stumbling around you’ll walk towards the beam.  Here you’ll be greeted first by three husks and then lastly by internet sensation Marauder Shields.  First thing to realise about this section is that you don’t need to reload at all, secondly don’t use LT/L1 to aim, it won’t give you the freedom that free aiming will and make it difficult, and lastly go for headshots all the time.  If you don’t you will quickly be killed and have to restart this section again.

From here you’ll face the biggest challenge of the game – making sense of the ending.

Legend 50G/Silver

Mission Accomplished.

*Story Related*

You’ll receive this when you complete the game, no matter which ending you choose.

Unwavering 50G/Gold

Finish all multiplayer maps on Gold or all single-player missions on Insanity.

Here is a list of all single-player missions that must be completed:

  1. Priority: Mars
  2. Priority: The Citadel I
  3. Priority: Palaven
  4. Grissom Academy: Emergency Evacuation (Will not be available if left for a few missions)
  5. Priority: Sur’Kesh
  6. Tuchanka: Turian Platoon (Locked after Priority: Tuchanka)
  7. Tuchanka: Turian Bomb (Locked after Priority: Tuchanka)
  8. N7: Cerberus Lab (Locked after Priority: Cerberus Headquarters)
  9. N7: Cerberus Attack (Locked after Priority: Cerberus Headquarters)
  10. Attican Traverse: Krogan Team (Locked after Priority: Cerberus Headquarters)
  11. Priority: Tuchanka
  12. N7: Cerberus Abductions (Locked after Priority: Cerberus Headquarters)
  13. Priority: The Citadel II
  14. Arrae: Ex-Cerberus Scientists
  15. N7: Cerberus Fighter Base (Locked after Priority: Cerberus Headquarters)
  16. Priority: Geth Dreadnought
  17. Rannoch: Admiral Koris (Locked after Priority: Rannoch)
  18. Rannoch: Geth Fighter Squadron (Locked after Priority: Rannoch)
  19. Priority: Rannoch
  20. N7: Fuel Reactors (Locked after Priority: Cerberus Headquarters)
  21. Kallini: Ardat-Yakshi Monastery (Locked after Priority: Cerberus Headquarters)
  22. Priority: Thessia
  23. Priority: Horizon
  24. N7: Communication Hub (Locked after Priority: Cerberus Headquarters)
  25. Priority: Cerberus Headquarters
  26. Priority: Earth I
  27. Priority: Earth II
Please note that some of the non-priority missions will lock following the competition of a priority mission, so complete all missions before moving on to the next priority mission.

See individual missions and Insanity for more information

Insanity 75G/Gold

Finish the game on Insanity without changing difficulty after leaving Earth.

Insanity is the hardest difficulty in Mass Effect 3 and it’s not going to be an earn this trophy/achievement.


– If you can, try and hang back and let your squad mates attract most of the attention, this allows you to pick off some of the enemies while keeping your health relatively high.

– If your encountered by a Brute, always make sure there is an object between you so his charge or swipe ability can’t affect you.  If your an area with different levels use it, the Brutes can’t charge you from level to level, they themselves have to step down.

– The easiest way to deal with Husks is to simply keep moving, if your stationary or in cover they’ll quickly swarm and then it’s only a matter of time for you.

– Turrents should not be taken head on at any time, always take out the Cerberus Engineer that accompanies them otherwise each turrent will be replaced by another.

– Banshee’s are lethal if they get in close, never let them get anywhere near you or corner you.  Keep moving and if there with a group of enemies lure them away to single them out.  Always deal with Banshee’s first and they will pose the biggest threat.

See individual missions for tips if your stuck in a specific place.

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