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New info about Total War: Rome II has appeared

The new episode of Rally Point, a series of video where you can discover the latest news, interviews and updates brought by the Total War team, has arrived. Also there has been added a new section to the Faction page on the Total War Wiki. This time the team making the Total War series has told us about the Macedonian Empire.

Macedon returns to the days when Alexander the Great rules. Empire is encircled by the Thracians, Illyrians and Greek city states. Macedon juiced up by an economy of forestry, agriculture and the taxation. Its armies focus on cavalry and infantry. As perfect warriors, the Macedonians have an advantage in battles against barbarians. And as astute vendors, the Macedonians get many bonuses to income. Macedon’s past authority and power are hard to forget by the other Hellenic states, so a player will have a tough time while trying to win their loyalty.  

Total War: Rome II will launch only for PC in October this year. It will feature politics, naval wars, family fights and more. The game expected to be the biggest project in the Total War series.

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