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PlayStation 4: Games we’ll see and the games we won’t


With tomorrow’s PlayStation 4 reveal looming it’s time to look at some of the games that we might (and might not) see at tomorrow’s press conference because as great as YouTube integration and controller touch-pads might be – it’s all about the games.

So here are eight games that we might (and might not) see at tomorrow’s reveal.


Let’s start right at the top.  This notorious title that we haven’t even seen since 2010 is rumoured to have been moved to the PS4.  All those years of silence would make a ton of sense if Sony reveal Team Ico’s baby as a launch title for the PlayStation 4.

Expect it to be there and expect it to be front and centre.  Sony may very well put all it’s eggs in one basket and ship this come launch day.


With Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance releasing this week what better way for Konami to keep the Metal Gear franchise in the spotlight than for a true reveal of the next title at the PlayStation 4 event.

Whether they clear up just exactly what the Phantom Pain is or just show us new footage of Ground Zeroes running in real-time on the PS4, Kojima would achieve exposure for the world of Metal Gear.


If the end of inFamous 2 wasn’t a big enough clue, Sucker Punch’s mentality of wanting to develop new ideas and concepts should seal the deal.

As much as I personally loved inFamous 2 the game didn’t sell nearly as many copies as what it’s quality deserved.  Since the title released, Sucker Punch have been extremely quiet as to what it’s next workings are and we’re pretty sure that while Sucker Punch will show off their new baby at the show, it won’t be inFamous 3.


With The Last of Us hitting the final few months of development the two-team studio at Naughty Dog has been hard at work on another project.  Like Sucker Punch we don’t know exactly what it is but perhaps the time isn’t just right for another adventure with Drake and Sully.

Unlike the situation with inFamous we are sure that we will see the return of Sony’s greatest treasure hunter.  But after four Uncharted games in five years we feel a capable studio like Naughty Dog will be working on something new, leaving time for the allure of Drake to grow strong again when the time is right.


The internet rumour-mill has been working overtime this past week with rumblings of GTA V’s delay coinciding with the fact it’s moved to next-gen systems.

Unfortunately though that won’t be the case.  Rockstar are notorious perfectionists and while the allure of a next-gen GTA game is appealing they won’t rush a GTA out for PS4 launch.


This one could be a bolt from the blue (so to speak) but Sega’s mascot has been pretty quiet since Sonic Generations in 2011 which saw the blue blur return to the glory days.

While it may still not sit right with Sega diehards, almost every Sonic game has appeared on the PlayStation in the past decade and with Sega teasing the reveal of a new game this month, what better way to get maximum exposure than at a global event in New York.


While Guerrilla Games’ Killzone series never lived up to it’s title of ‘Halo killer’ it is certainly one of the jewels in Sony’s PlayStation crown.

Killzone 2 was a graphical beast at the PlayStation 3 reveal and what better way to show off just what the PS4 can do than to show off the world of Killzone.  We’ve seen in the past that Guerilla Games have the technical nouse to get the best out of a PS3 and there’s no reason to suggest they can’t wow us all over again on the PS4.


Ubisoft’s e3 stealth-hit Watch Dogs has been kept firmly under the radar since it’s initial reveal.  It was obvious that the game was running on next-gen hardware and we fully expect it to come out from under the wire on Wednesday.


It’s no secret that Bungie have moved to multi-platform but seeing one of the Bungie staff demo Destiny at a PlayStation conference could be mouthwatering stuff.

Sony have to of at least tried to get Bungie to appear at the PS4 reveal and with Sunday’s almost lacklustre Destiny reveal of mainly concept-art, you have to think that maybe it was the pre-show for a full gameplay demo in New York.


Studios under the umbrella of EA, Activision and Ubisoft tend to work in one or two year cycles when it comes to developing games.  Polyphony Digital on the other hand tend to take their time and craft every inch before releasing to the public.

However, you can’t have a console reveal without a car game to show off your pretty graphics and sex appeal.  If Polyphony can pull themselves away from slowly working on the game, then we should see the next Gran Turismo at the show.

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