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Resident Evil: Revelations demo coming May 14

A playable demo of the console and Windows PC ports of Resident Evil: Revelations will be available to download on Tuesday, May 14, Capcom today announced.

Capcom did not provide any information as to what portion of the game the demo will contain, only that it will be available on Xbox Live Marketplace, PlayStation Network (U.S. only), the Wii U eShop, and Steam on May 14, a week before the game launches. The European PlayStation Network will host the demo on the following day, May 15.

Resident Evil: Revelations is a port of 2012’s 3DS title of the same name. The console and PC versions feature high-definition visuals, new playable characters, and new monstrosities for them to face. Capcom recently released details on the Wii U version, containing special features such as Miiverse integration, off-TV play, and dual-screen functionality using the GamePad.

Resident Evil: Revelations launches first in North America on May 21, and Europe a few days later on May 24.

SOURCE Capcom-Unity

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