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Revive or Die: NFL Street

NFL Street

Welcome to Revive or Die, this is where we delve deep into gaming’s past and decide whether game series that aren’t with us anymore should be revived or kept dead.

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Developer(s):  EA Tiburon 
Publisher(s):   Electronic Arts
Platforms:        PlayStation 2, Xbox, GameCube  
Release Date:  January 13th 2004 

It was in 2004 when we first saw NFL Street, the 7 vs 7 american football game that showed the sport in a different light.  With crazy hits and ridiculously big players NFL Street offered a different take on one of America’s favourite sports.  NFL Street was released for PlayStation 2, Xbox and Nintendo’s Gamecube – and with its success the second instalment of NFL Street was on the same consoles and also went portable with a PSP edition. Interestingly enough both NFL Street 1 and 2 were released in the same year.

Your used to seeing big hits and crazy moments in the NFL and you can see a lot of this within the Madden games, but NFL Street took this to a new level with the atmosphere of street football.  With a cartoonish overlay to all of the characters you had no problem checking people and seeing them flip a few times in the air because you hit them so hard. The characters were all real characters from the NFL but they all had been beefed up to fit the game and I have to say it all looked great.

The thing that made NFL Street so successful was the fact that is just worked, even with the crazy theme behind it and outrageous hits you just believed it all.  You could even create your own teams and players which was great because you could have a team of all your friends and they would all look huge.

There was a variety of game modes and they expanded this throughout the later games, the problem is that a lot of these new features weren’t welcomed with open arms and the third installment in the series didn’t sell well at all.

As it stands EA currently own the rights and develop the NFL Blitz series.  Both the PSN and XBLA have downloadable versions that borrow elements from the NFL Street games. Whilst Blitz doesn’t share the cartoon overlay that NFL Street has, it is clear that is was essentially the next game within this genre. The play style looks slightly more realistic but there are still some outrageous moments and huge hits to be had.  That being said our chances of ever seeing a new NFL Street game are very slim, with a new game at EA’s forefront there is no need for NFL Street, sales weren’t good enough towards the end and that is all it really takes to bench a game.

It’s a shame because this game was so much fun, I had hours of fun creating my own team and ranking them up, getting better players and even just having one off games because they were packed with action.

Also because the game timer wasn’t as long as a normal NFL game it was fast paced which meant you could just jump in for a few games and hop off again. I would love to see a NFL Street HD remake just so we could have the opportunity to nail some fools again.

NFL Street is a game that needs to be revived, it doesn’t need anything flashy or new to it, it doesn’t need new game modes or anything like that. All it needs is an updated roster because I am sure that Brett Favre was the Packers quarterback when I last played it.

Sometimes keeping a game simple is the way to go and that is what NFL Street did so well, our final verdict:

NFL Street verdict


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6 Responses

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  2. Jack

    Man you are so right!
    I really hope this gets heard. Just like what they did with ratchet and clank trilogy i hop ehty do it with street!

    1. AlexSodhi

      Me too Jack, I wasn’t a huge fan of NFL Street 3 but the first 2 were brilliant! We have a few other games that we will be looking at for Revive or Die but if there are any that you think we should look at let us know.

  3. Derek

    Please revive this! I adore this game and when my friends come over we still play nfl street 2 all the time. Easily one of my favorite games. I was just looking up street 3 trying to go buy one but it is only for the ps2? that is why it didnt go as far kids had the wii. updated rosters would be awesome. I would pre order that game right now if i heard they were making another one.

    1. Alex Sodhi

      I know it is such a shame that they stopped making it.. They are happy to bring out a new FIFA game every year but where is the updated NFL Street??

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