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Revive or Die: Resident Evil

Resident Evil

Welcome to Revive or Die, this is where we delve deep into gaming’s past and decide whether game series that aren’t with us anymore should be revived or kept dead.

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Developer(s):  Capcom
Publisher(s):   Capcom
Platforms:        All consoles
Release Date:  March 22nd 1996


It must be one of the biggest series in the gaming world and since 1996 there have been 23 different Resident Evil games.  While it doesn’t totally fit Revive or Die as it is still very much alive we are going to have a look anyway at this very old but very popular series.

I can remember being a small kid aged around 6 when I first laid eyes on Resident Evil as my older brother was playing it. I used to have nightmares at first because you just weren’t used to seeing that kind of thing. When I grew up and actually started playing them for myself I was instantly hooked, the pure thrill and adrenaline that Resident Evil games used to give was one that simply couldn’t be matched.

It’s hard to believe that there have been 23 different Resident Evil games, the very first game scored a 91 on Metacritic.  Capcom has even had a lot of success over recent years with Resident Evil 4,5 and 6. Whilst not everyone rated these games the same way, Resident Evil 4 really showed that this franchise still had life in it with great scores all round. The same cannot be said for Resident Evil 5 which was a bit of a botch job but as Resident Evil is such a beloved franchise it was still rated highly.

To be honest with you most of the mainline Resident Evil games have scored well.  But the Resident Evil franchise isn’t shy to a shameless spin-off either and there have been some very questionable ones to the point where you just feel Capcom are milking the series.

Don’t get me wrong I am a huge fan of the series and I am always down for a zombie game, the problem is that these days there is just so much competition and Resident Evil doesn’t really do the things that made it so good in the past. The pure sense of horror that you used to get in these games was like no other, there was suspense, there were jump scares and there was a well written story. Now everyone in the world knows what Resident Evil is, even if you have never played a game before.

The other thing is with 2012 being the year of the zombie there is just so much competition out there. Zombie games may not be taking the same conventional direction that Resident Evil usually takes, but they are creating new and exciting ways to experience zombies. Just from the likes of ZombiU and DayZ you have two totally new ways of playing a zombie game. Plus they are scary, you have those moments that I used to always have with Resident Evil but I just don’t anymore.

Even the characters are usually the same, they might throw in a new one or two in every game but fundamentally you are playing as the people you always have and you are fighting the Umbrella Corporation. This worked and it will probably go on to work for years to come but I just feel that a change in needed in Resident Evil for it to ever engage me again.

It feels like Resident Evil has thrown everything out there and they have done a great job at it, I mean without them who knows what zombie games would be like today. But the truth is it’s time for them to step down, they have done well from the series but unless they can find a new effective way of delivering their games I just don’t think I will ever have the urge to play them again.

Resident Evil

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