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Welcome to Revive or Die, this is where we delve deep into gaming’s past and decide whether game series that aren’t with us anymore should be revived or kept dead.

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Developer(s):  Blizzard Entertainment 
Publisher(s):   Bilzzard Entertainment
Platforms:        PC
Release Date:  July 1st, 2003 (Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne)


The Warcraft series started way back in 1994 with Warcraft: Orcs & Humans and since Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne we haven’t seen or heard about another Warcraft game coming. Now yes everyone in the world knows about the World of Warcraft and how it has been pretty much unrivaled since launch, but that isn’t the game we are talking about today.

If you have never seen Warcraft in action, it is a real-time strategy game with a variety of different modes. What is so great about Warcraft is they have such a rich lore to pull from, especially now with everything from the World of Warcraft. You still have your two separate factions being Horde and Alliance, but you have a multitude of races to choose from.

The single player in these games has always been extensive and full of rich story and it always follows a very interesting path. As this is a real-time strategy game it works very well and is a unique way to create a story.

Telling the truth though this is not why the Warcraft series needs to be revived, for me the fun always laid in the skirmish matches and online battles. If you have ever played Age of Empires, Empire Earth, Command and Conquer, any games like that this is the same thing. You start with a small number of men and a town center and you have to create your base and build your army and simply kill the enemy. Warcraft was also one of the first games to introduce heroes, these special units can be leveled up and learn new unique moves to help on the battlefield.

There is just something about the huge 4 v 4 matches that I used to play that was so much fun, you would have to use true teamwork in order to achieve victory and a great amount of strategy was always needed. In the later games there were even monsters that you could kill within the maps to gain extra XP.

These types of Skirmish games can be played against the computer or you can play online with Battle.net, which is Blizzards online system and Warcraft was one of the first games to use this system. It didn’t happen till slightly later but Custom Games started appearing online through the Battle.net system where people have created entire new games from the Warcraft system. They even gave you a map editor where you could build and shape your own game types, they willingly let players do this and why wouldn’t they. This is something that many players see in StarCraft 2, it all originated from Warcraft.

These Custom Games gave life to Warcraft longer after it should have been forgotten, I probably pumped more hours into Footmen Wars, Tower Defense and Angel Arena that I would have ever anticipated. These small games added bursts of fun into this game, used all its unique features in a totally different way and made it a completely new experience.

Could you imagine if Blizzard decided to make Warcraft 4? With all the latest graphics and some new twists and turns, a new map editor so people could once again create some new game modes. With everything that has happened within the World of Warcraft there could be endless stories to choose from with an even bigger line up of races and characters than ever before.

Warcraft is a series that deserves to live on, even though Blizzard are still focusing on StarCraft 2 at the moment I am hopeful that they could revive Warcraft and see it matched against StarCraft, it might be a little crazy but if anyone can pull it off, it would be Blizzard Entertainment.

Warcraft Revive


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