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SimCityEDU brings the series to the classroom this March

Electronics Arts is bringing their own brand of urban studies to the classroom this March with SimCityEDU, the company announced today. The project is developed in collaboration with GlassLab, a non-profit organization founded on the principle of delivering valuable learning experiences through interactive entertainment.

“SimCityEDU will serve as a resource for classroom teachers who have a strong interest in utilizing digital platforms as a learning tool to drive student interest in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) subjects,” EA stated in their press release on Friday.

SimCityEDU brings theĀ SimCity experience to the classroom, allowing educators to “create and share digital SimCity-based lesson plans” that the company hopes will inspire proactive STEM-centric learning. The long-running city-building series has been praised over the years for its practical and educational approach to the concept, and now it will serve to function as a device for learning in a more official capacity. The press release notes that the community’s curriculum and tools will be designed to meet U.S. Common Core standards.

Interested? You can head over to the SimCityEDU website and get signed up for beat right now.

VIA Joystiq
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