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The 7 rules to surviving DayZ

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If you are brand new to DayZ and you keep thinking to yourself, how the hell do I stay alive long enough to… Well do stuff? There are 7 Casually Addicted rules that you should follow if you want to be able to take on zombies with ease, or even if you want to hunt down the douche that killed you earlier. Now of course there are tons of different things you can do to stay alive in DayZ but there are certain things that can easily be overlooked. These aren’t just your simple rules though, there is depth. If you want to be a zombie hunting machine then you are in the right place.


Rule 1 – Be like Sam Fisher or Solid Snake when playing Day Z, sneaking is survival.

Weather you have just spawned on DayZ or if you have been playing for days and have tons of loot, you have to be sneaky. The easiest way to get killed in DayZ is to be spotted by zombies or other players, if you have been spotted then you have some work to do if you don’t want to end up a zombie sandwich. There are two things that you need to be constantly aware of, your sound and how visible you are. The eye and ear icons show how much noise you are making and how visible you are, you want to keep the bars to a minimum when in zombie infested zones.

The rule of thumb is 5 bars total, so that could be 3 visibility bars and 2 eye bars. If you are below this then you are usually going to be okay. Obviously if there is a zombie close to you then you have to pay more attention to your visibility over your sound. Just because you are in a building it doesn’t mean you can run around, they can still hear you even if they can’t see you. If you are playing the more advanced servers then you have to be even more sneaky, but for the new players on the recruit and regular servers this will keep you safe.

The best way to be sneaky is to crawl, it might take you a little longer to get around but you will be alive. I would very rarely run in a city because it will alert a ton of zombies and other players will see tons of zombies running in the same direction. Now the other things that you need to account for is the sounds you make with items and weapons, firing a gun without a silencer will alert a lot around you including other survivors, if you aren’t prepared to fight off a load of zombies then be careful where you fire.

Now this might just seem a bit obvious, but I would always recommend keeping your figure away from the (F) key. I am sure we have all fell victim to accidentally throwing a smoke grenade and alerting everything around you. Things like smoke grenades, flare and chem lights will attract a lot of trouble. Even making a fire to cook some meat, it might seem like a simple task but be aware of whats around you at all times.


Rule 2 – When killing zombies, silence is everything. 

Obviously Day Z is based in an apocalyptic world, so zombies are what you are going to be dealing with all the time. Sometimes sneaking around just ins’t enough, you need to get your hands dirty and get yourself some zombie kills. So how can you take out a zombie without alerting everything around you? Well the hatchet and crowbar will kill the zombies in silence, the hatchet is the weapon of choice, it is stronger than the crowbar and if you get a good head shot in, its a certain kill.

If things really aren’t going your way and you alert some bloody monkey zombie around you, you might not have time to equip your ax if its not already a weapon, don’t worry guns obviously will do the trick. A good pistol to the head will take zombies out nice and easy, the problem here is depending on the type of gun, you could end up alerting a ton more zombies just from killing one. Certain guns are loader than others, the sniper rifles and lee-enfield like weapons are zombie attracting magnets so steer clear.


Rule 3 – Be mindful of where you log out.

This applies especially if you are in a populated area, cities and towns etc. If you log out in a temple/church, chances are when you log back in later someone could be there. Places like churches/temples/fire stations are all hot spots for loot so people will go there all the time. Military bases or places that spawn military loot are absolute no goes for when logging out.

Your best bet is to log out somewhere nearby to a hot spot, so if you are in a major city don’t log out in high yielding or medium yielding buildings, but log out somewhere secure nearby so you know the way back to these locations. It doesn’t have to be miles away but just in some bushes near by, always lay down when logging out too, it will make it harder to see you so you at least get a chance to catch your bearings when logging in.


Rule 4 – Don’t trust anyone. 

Chances are if you play Day Z for long enough you are bound to bump into some other survivors. I tell you what, my heart has never raced so much when I  saw another player in my game. When you have been crawling around looking for loot and you actually start building a character, the last thing in the world you want is a quick death.

At times you might actually come across other players that offer to help you, give you blood and food if you need it. If we are being honest there is always an ulterior motive, even if its just so that you don’t kill them. You are better off just staying clear, be quick when looting high yielding buildings and if you are near any military bases then keep your eyes pealed.


Rule 5 – Think smart when filling up your bag. 

When you are first building up your characters inventory it can be a common habit to just pick up everything you find because you feel there will be a use for it somewhere, you are right technically but when you first spawn what good will a spare tire do you? Always keep your eye out for a bigger bag, when you get the biggest bag in the game you will not really have to worry about bag slot issues.

There are certain things that you have to find and constantly maintain space for in your bag. Medicine of all sorts is crucial, you need blood, bandages and morphine, these are your key medicines, try and get 2/3 of each item when it comes to medical supplies. Ammo obviously needs a slot but again don’t fill your bag with ammo when you need space for everything else. I would always carry a smoke grenade because they are great for distracting zombies. The other thing that you cannot underestimate is food and water, if you go off exploring without and food or water you could drop dead due to dehydration. There are some items that are considered luxury items like different camouflages and tents but I wouldn’t bother picking these up unless you have a lot of bag space.

You have your tool belt which you can fill with items like the hatchet, watch, map, compass and other such items. Whats nice about the tool belt is you don’t ever really fill it so it doesn’t really count as bag space.


Rule 6 – Find a map, it could save your life. 

If you have never seen the Day Z map before, you can look at it anytime at the link below.

Now finding a map isn’t the easiest task, you can search for a map on the link below and it will tell you all the hot spots for one, but it will just be a case of exploring till you find one. The best thing you can do is learn the hot spots, places like Chernogorsk and Balota are full of great loot and weapons. This always means there will be more survivors. Just like anything as you play more and more you will become familiar with the map which will help you get around with ease. If you start trying to learn the city names you will be able to find road signs so you at least know what way you are going.

When you have found one you are in business, the maps wont show you the high yielding buildings like the link below will, but you can easily find the higher yielding buildings by using the map online and the map in game. Possibly the best feature of the map in Day Z is that it can show you nearby survivors and high level zombies, you will usually see orange dots showing up as ‘Man’, this means that it could be a survivor or a zombie but you are out of range to tell. If you ever see ‘Sniper’ or ‘Survivor’ then be careful because this is another player. Now the map will not show you every zombie but it will show higher level ones like the military zombies.



Rule 7 – Dodge, dip, duck, dive and sabotage.

Sometimes no matter what you do, you just end up with a ton of zombies chasing you down, so how can you escape them? Well run obviously, always run and don’t slow down because zombies will catch you . Dive under small fences if they are an option because it might just get them off you. Try to avoid just running straight, you won’t lose them this way, run through buildings and forests, ducking when you get around a corner because they might not be able to track you.

You are going to be alerting other zombies and players non stop if you are fleeing, so chances are death is knocking on your door. You may as well go out in flames by running directly at other survivors, it will make them panic and if they fire or attack the zombies will switch.


It is really not hard to survive, you just have to think smart. If you think to yourself, what would I do if zombies actually attacked… Well you wouldn’t be just running about looking for loot would you? You would be careful, precise and cunning – This is survival.

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