The Review System

A lot of gaming review sites are flawed but here at Casually Addicted we aim to fully utilise our 0 to 10 scale.  A lot of other publications seem to just have a 7 to 10 scale when it comes to games, scared to drop below for fear of reprisals.

But you can be sure that at Casually Addicted we will aim to use all of our scale and give you the reader the most honest review possible.

Our system starts at 0 (Diabolical) and works all the way up to 10 (Legendary) going up in increments of 0.25.

The reason for the quarter points is our way of differentiating between similar games, it gives you an easy and quick reference into seeing which games we see as being superior when genre’s come into play.

We must also note that full retail games, downloadable games and mobile games will be rated each within their own scale.

So just because an iPhone game gets a 9 does not mean that it’s better than an Xbox 360 game that gets an 8.5.  Each game is rated based on the system they are on in comparison to others using the same technology.

Games are reviewed using retail systems and under no pressure from either the developer or publisher of the title to doctor the score.

If for some reason we have to review a game in unfamiliar circumstances, where we still feel we can portray a 100% honest review, we will detail all the information within the page of the review.


(For example: The Last Of Us)

One of the best of all time, a game that receives this accolade is an example of gaming in its finest form.

9 to 9.75 – AMAZING

(For example: Far Cry 3, Persona 4: Golden)

A defining title of the generation and one that sets itself apart from the crowd by excelling in all gameplay aspects with little to no areas of concern.

8 to 8.75 – GREAT

(For example: Dishonoured, ZombiU)

A title that excels at almost everything it sets out to do but small problems in other areas stop it from being a defining experience.

7 to 7.75 – VERY GOOD

(For example: Assassin’s Creed III, Sleeping Dogs)

An enjoyable experience throughout but lacks the panache of higher scorers.

6 to 6.75 – GOOD

(For example: Binary Domain, New Super Mario Bros. U)

This is a game with some good aspects and is enjoyable but has a few too many problems to score higher.

5 to 5.75 – AVERAGE

(For example: Datura)

A game that does nothing to excite or improve on what’s come before.

4 to 4.75 – BELOW AVERAGE

(For example: DarkSiders II)

Perhaps some nice ideas in theory but the execution was severely lacking.

3 to 3.75 – POOR

(For example: Shinobido 2: Revenge of Zen)

A game with flaws all over the place.

2 to 2.75 – BAD

(For example: Aliens: Colonial Marines)

Some fundamental problems blighted this game and even at a low price probably shouldn’t be purchased.

1 to 1.75 – TERRIBLE

One of the worst games ever created, stay well clear.

0 to 0.75 – DIABOLICAL

Do not even entertain the idea of buying a game as poor as this, one of the worst games of all time.