Write for us!

If your looking for an outlet, want to break into the industry, raise your profile, or just enjoy writing about video games, Casually Addicted is a fantastic place to be.  No experience is necessary and we won’t quiz you about your past life.

You can write about any subject you want as long as it’s video game related, past or present.  Articles should be around 600 words minimum and we maintain a global outlook which encompasses anything and everything.  The more offbeat, the better.

We currently do not offer payment for writers but we’re hopeful that this will change in the near future.  But we can link your site, blog, book or twitter on anything published.  If it’s what you want then you WILL get noticed.

Now we’ve established that you’d like to contribute to Casually Addicted, please get in touch with our Editor-In-Chief at craigshields@casually-addicted.net