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Casually Addicted’s Top 25 Xbox 360 Games

We are coming to the end of the console cycle and we here at Casually Addicted feel that it’s time to honour the top games for every system currently available.

It’s up to you how you view this list. You might see it as a buyer’s guide to the best games, the overall best game list or something completley different. But it is nothing more than our top games for a specific console. For a list like this there is no right or wrong answer and everyone’s opinion is different. This is a list that took hours of discussions to create and differing opinions of games clashed time and time again.

So without further a dew here are Casually Addicted’s Top 25 Xbox 360 Games

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To be honest not much needs to be said for Modern Warfare 2, the highly successful successor to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare sold over 22 million copies worldwide. If you haven’t heard about Modern Warfare 2 by now you must have stumbled onto the wrong site.

Whilst Modern Warfare 2 received high praise the story was nothing in comparison to the multiplayer functionality that it offered. There are very few games that I have sunk as many hours into as I did with Modern Warfare 2. The pure sense of competition mixed with spells of rage and utter triumph made Modern Warfare 2 one of the most successful online games of all time. Whilst it had a few issues online with bugs and glitches you cannot take away the fact that this game was literally huge everywhere.

Alex Sodhi

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As stated in my review back on our old website, Deus Ex: Human Revolution was a bit of a sleeper hit last year and it was only when the game was released did most people understand truly what it was all about.

It’s mix of cyberpunk charm and stealth with honest brutality (should you require it) gave us a game where we could really choose how we wanted to play. It’s ability to make you think outside the box also won us over.

While it isn’t a game without it’s faults, Deus Ex: Human Revolutions shady plot and augmentation heavy skill set kept us going with multiple playthroughs and many many hours lost to finding the perfect way past an area full of enemies.

Craig John Shields

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There are certain games that are made to be played with friends and Left 4 Dead 2 is defiantly one of them. In Left 4 Dead 2 you have a great story that will keep you busy for hours on end but the best part about Left 4 Dead 2 is the coop functionality. You can play with up to 4 different friends online or split screen with 2 locally. Left 4 Dead 2 really took Zombie first person shooters to a new level.

With clever level design, a variety of new weaponry and generally improved game play then it’s predecessor Left 4 Dead 2 has earn’t it’s spot in the top 25 Xbox 360 games.

Joe Symons

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Coming into the generation Gran Turismo shone alone as the ultimate driving sim but at the end of this one, the Forza series stands high and above it’s once bitter rival. Truth be told it’s not really a contest anymore.

While both series bring together lovely visuals, Forza rides high with so much more. Over 500 vehicles and a fantastic customisation kit, Forza 4 stands at the peak of this generations driving genre.

Craig John Shield

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Bioshock is the one game here at Casually Addicted that no one in the team actually played in its prime, which is a shame for all of us as we love it now. 2K games released Bioshock in 2007 so it has been around for a while and truly stands the test of time.

You often here how Bioshock 1 is better than Bioshock 2 and going by the majority vote it seems pretty clear. From the moment you enter this exciting new world you are not only intrigued to explore, but you are afraid for what the next Big Daddy will do to you.

Alex Sodhi

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  2. I know this may sound off topic, but I just had to say it.

    I bought my blackops 2 disk off amazon the other day and inside it there was a coupon code. At first I ignored it and poped in the disk. So anyways I login to multiplayer and this screen pops up saying : “Please enter your 8 digit code to access your exclusive black ops 2 elite gear.”

    I was like wtf! This is awesome :3

    So I type in the code and a screen pops up saying : “Congratulations! You have received winter camo PP7SH spartanF150” The names were images btw.

    It was so awesome! The spartanF150 was a 2 shot assault riffle and the PP7SH had a awesome rate of fire.

    Idk if the same link will work for you guys, but you can try it.

    Call of Duty: Black Ops II

    Tell me if it works 😛 Gamertag : Damien16

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